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How TOYS reflect our Every Day Culture by the Creator of: HUG A G.I. DAY ©1996, ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith / Chicago – The 2012 Perspective.

ASK ON TOY-CHAT & CHATTER: Yesterday, my FB friend, DAN SHURE made an interesting and insightful comment & if I can quote DAN here, who stated:

“There should be another holiday, HUG A G.I. JOE DAY, to combine your eventology and your love of toys.”

Thanks for opening those Flood-Gates, DAN. Actually, my Word is: HOLIDATE which is different from the Anglicized ‘Holiday.’ HOLIDATES are what I create, market, sell, promote, launch and ‘do.’ Now, if I could only these all passed as National Holidates, none of us would ever have to work again – get them off as paid Holidates. There are a total of 1900 of them; in 34 diff. categories with 400 of them dealing with FOOD & eating healthily & wisely. As red-ribbon/gold leaf certified HOLIDATES, this would indeed give us MUCH MORE time to stay home and play with our TOYS.

Less I digress. But that’s OK. I knew exactly what you meant.

When I created HUG A G.I. DAY ©1996 – back in 1995, as it takes a year to properly launch a HOLIDATE, I wanted to cover all the Military Services that We have, namely: The Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps & Coast Guard and be fair and equal to all of them, as these are People who ‘fight’ & are embroiled in keeping our Country safe and threat-free.

Also, with Diversity being what it is, if there is a HUG G.I. JOE DAY, then there’s got to be a:


There’s only so much celebratin’ a person can do in a Day, DAN.

YOUR IDEA OF HUG A G.I. JOE DAY may & might be something that Hasbro would want to commemorate with their Line of Dolls. Perhaps they will read this Note and act to promote their line! I’ve often collaborated to make a SPECIAL HOLIDATE for a special person, product, pet, etc.

NOW: If you are now suddenly curious as to how these Action Figures came about, I just discovered more historical Info online at:

which really explains the whole Phenomena. After all, there were LOTS of Wars during the 1900s – the ERA many of us recently survived through. I know – as I’m a product of the WW II crowd. Ah, such is the Wonder(ment) of TOYS – not only can you play with them, but you can write and read about them, too!

FOR INSTANCE, did you know that (per this Wiki Article) that: G.I. Joe was inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame at The Strong in Rochester, New York, in 2004.

That is quite an Honor.

ATTN: Dan S. & Porter V, III & others who owned these TOYS while growing.
You may find the following OF INTEREST and again it’s cited from the Wiki Article:

The Hasbro prototypes were originally named "Rocky" (marine/soldier) "Skip" (sailor) and "Ace" (pilot), before the more universal name G.I. Joe was adopted. One of the prototypes would later sell in a Heritage auction in 2003 for $200,001.

I don’t know about you, but that’s 6-figures & the price of 1 bedroom apartment in Rogers Park, a district of Chicago on the far north end of town. Ah, the Glory of TOYS – U can make HOLIDATES out of them; trade them and sell them at Auction and if you have the time even PLAY with them. What’s better than TOYS and lots of them – and adding a HOLIDATE to them just makes them all the more Special! No wonder I do this for a living!

Thanks again for ‘ASKing,’ Dan & commenting Porter!

Cheers, ASK

February 29,2012 – - Leap Year Day - 11:01 AM CST

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