Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mr. Potato Head turns 60...years, that is! ASK's TOY Reco: Feb. 25, 2012

ASK’s TOY RECO: We’re in GOOD COMPANY! “Why?” you may ask. That’s because in Friday’s edition of REDEYE on Page 3 I spotted an article that nearly swept me off my feet! It was a full –page Salute to 1 of our Favorite TOYS of all times – MR. POTATO HEAD who turned 60 years old this Month: Feb of 2012. That means everyone born in 1952 who graduated via the Class of 70, as high schoolers back during the 1900s, are in GOOD COMPANY. A Hasbro TOY, Mr. P (as he is commonly referred to by his legion of fans the last 60 years) has come a LONG ways. He even has his own Website – 1 thing that was non-existo back in the early 1950s when not too much was available on the electronic scene. All at:
Generations may come and Generations may go & grow older, but the Potato Heads definitely are Blast & I am guessing, but would say, they may be 1 of the FIRST Plastic Potato Toys ever made with movable Parts. Happy Birthday, Potato Head Family!

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