Wednesday, February 29, 2012

When EVENTOLOGY meets Leap Year Day. Enlightenment? Could be! Words from 'America's Premier Eventologist' ASK.

ASK ON LEAP YEAR DAY: OK, I am ‘America’s Premier Eventologist’ so I should make some glorious Pronouncement and/or Comment(ary) on this EVENT – that comes around every 4 years. Therefore, with the help of 1 of my favorite newspapers, USA Today, I comfortably sat by the fireside & perused 1 of the Cover Stories called: WHAT IF THERE WERE NO LEAP YEARS?

After all, why do we make such a big deal out of an extra Day. It’s not that any of us are going to get ‘caught up’ on all that we have to do. However, Dan Vergano & Britt Kennerly, revealed some interesting matters which begin off with:
If there were NO leap years, our calendar would be totally scrambled. The year would be totally out of sync with the seasons.

OF WHICH I ADD AND WONDER: Aren’t we already out of sync because of Global Warming? Please address this in a future article – as inquiring minds want to know.

Caesar (not the Salad Dressing but the Roman Ruler) was the first to add a Leap Day to the Calendar - so while UR raising a Toast this evening, don’t forget to give the credit to the Big C… because We have had roughly 500 Leap Days since his Declaration.

The most interesting part about their Article cited this:
Today about 5 million people worldwide share a Feb. 29TH birth date, making them leapsters or 29ers (as they are called) – so sez: THE HONOR SOCIETY OF LEAP YEAR BABIES. Who’d have known such a group exists if not for the unparalleled reporting of Verg & Kenn!

Amazingly enuf here on FB – I have no friends born on Leap year Day – so I have no 1 2 wish a HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO…but 4 those of U ‘OUT THERE’ that I don’t know…yet:

Happy Birthday. UR only as old or young as U feel this February 29TH!

What I’m concerned about tho is this: Leap Year Day – isn’t that when the Gal gets to propose to a Guy. OK, who’s ready?

POST-FB NOTE #1: Thank you Dan Vergano & Britt Kennerly, U just added to the History of FACEBOOK by a Factor of 29!

And directly from the, there R real People in real Time we can wish a HAPPY BIRTHDAY 2 if the Desire takes over:

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