Saturday, February 25, 2012

February 25, 2012: That's 15 Years of Biking. Setting Records 2 Wheels @ a Time.

ASK'S BIKE RECO: 45,000 Miles. Yup, that's about it. Today is my 15TH Year Anniversary of Biking, nearly every Day out of the Calendar Year since Tuesday, February 25, 1997. Although it does seem like ONLY yesterday, it wasn't. Lots can happen in 15 years & it has. I encourage everyone to bike and evidently with oil prices going up even before St. Pat's Day, more and more people will be taking out their set of wheels to go about their daily routines.

And, of course, the great thing about being a Bike Jock is that (for the most part) with so much exercise that you can get from Biking (as well as saving money on car repairs / maintenance / gasoline) is that you never feel guilty about what you eat since you know you have your Bike right there to start all over again on the next spin. U might as well try 2 B 'the Healthiest' U can B 4 the longest U can B...Because as we all know: Nature has other plans for us no matter how hard we try...

Because We morph into our Parents: Boys into their Fathers & Girls into their Mothers, it's important to examine how their life works for them or against them. If you see something negative there is time to correct it. And biking is 1 of the sports that can make vast differences in the longevity of any person, no matter what age they get started by putting their peddle to the meddle!

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How to be a Biking Queen. Read ASK's February 25, 2012: That's 15 Years of Biking. Setting Records 2 Wheels @ a Time.

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