Tuesday, February 28, 2012

From The Creator of: HUG A G.I. DAY ©1996 - Celebrating the Time to March Forth...

My HUG A G.I. DAY ©1996 - #17 takes place this Sunday – March 4TH which is not only Chicago’s 175TH Birthday/Anniversary/Celebration, but is the only date in Calendrical Date in Time that is a Military Command. Therefore, I chose this Date, back in 1995 – as it always takes a year to sufficiently launch a HOLIDATE TO CELEBRATE as the Day (far enough AWAY from Christmas Festivities and Memorial Day Concerns) to address the Orders of Military that keep our Country safe. After all, if not for our Brave Soldiers and Military Personnel, we would not be here staring (hopefully) @ our Facebook screens wondering who is going to post the BIG THING. Which is, of course, one of the Primary Reasons why EVENTOLOGY: The Art of Event-Making was created back in 1990.

Yup, there’s lists and lists of things we can be thank-ful for because of the People who fight for our Country. And for that Reason alone, they deserve our HUGS & LOVE. For more INFO on HUG A G.I. DAY ©1996 and/or to interview me (I have 4 more spots open) you can merely FB me here for those details.

Cheers, ASK:
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2-29-2012 – 11:48 AM CST

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