Monday, August 22, 2011

ASK's comm-ANT-ary on Day #22 of: ANT APPRECIATION MONTH INTL ©2010

Monday, August 22, 2011 is Day 22 of the Second Global Celebration of:


Said HOLIDATE® is being staged for Today & the Remainder of August only because ANTS are as ANTeresting as can be, not BEE. That’s another Species, Folks.

Here is an incredibly interesting – ANTeresting Article about how ANTS reproduce. It deals with Cloning. Remember when Humans thought they were on to something when the cloned DOLLY, The Sheep. Evid-ANT-ly via this article, the ANTS have been on to this procedure much longer and with much more luck than we mortal men (and women) have.

The Opening Title & Paragraph states:

Scientists Discover All-Female Ant Species that Reproduces by Cloning

“A group of Amazonian ants have evolved an extremely unusual social system: They are all female and reproduce via cloning. Though their sexual organs have virtually disappeared, they have also gained some extraordinary abilities.”

Found at:

You’ll see how it’s done (the right way) in the Insect World.

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