Sunday, August 21, 2011

Skip Haynes: The Rockin' Release of his latest creative Endeavor: Podcast #1.


This is how a NICE GUY does it. Fifty years in the Music Biz is harder to do than write a few hit songs and show up to the gig…read all about the A&E: Antics and Exploits of ROCK when Rock was Rock by the incomparable & Chicago’s very own…:

Skip Haynes


The pod cast is now available on the web site

along with a link to amazon (for the print version) and Barnes &
Noble for their NOOK/Kindle reader.

Skip tells us that: “This is to let you know about my new podcast called Road Stories or
What's A Nice Guy Like Me Doing In A Band Like This? with Skip Haynes.
It's a weekly show. It's based on being on the road with Aliotta
Haynes Jeremiah. The url below is for the first show - Freaky Deaky.
Please check it out and let me know what you think. if you like it you
can subscribe to the RSS feed and you'll automatically receive the
shows as they are uploaded. Tell all your friends. You probably
haven't heard Rock N' Roll stories and history like these. The
Enhanced version is for apple products. I hope you enjoy the stories.”


And click the "New Podcast" link

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