Thursday, August 25, 2011

WWALD: What Would Abe Lincoln Do? ®

THEME: Triggering Inspiration via the Past Efforts of America's Great(s)

Chicago, IL USA: Via FB this AM, Robin Roberts & George Stephanopolos of GOOD MORNING AMERICA told us to: Check out these tips to find unclaimed cash!

To which I stated:

Hey, with this new-found LOOT, we (as the USA) may not be trillions of dollars in the HOLE, as previously thought...That's a pleasant thought, as any for the 25th day of August in 2011. WWALD: What Would Abe Lincoln Do?

Cheers, ASK: Screenwriter - Author - Eventologist
Chgo, IL USA 8-25-2011 - 10:39 AM CST

EDITORIAL NOTE: If any top newsleader wants me to write an Article called:

WWALD: What Would Abe Lincoln Do?

I'm the one to do it - as a full-time Illinoisan and Lincoln Admirer. Email me at:


for further details...

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