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Chicago Screenwriters Network Swaree of Scriptwriters: Winners: 2011

As posted on my FB Page: Monday, August 15, 2011

Hold on there, COLIN: Your HEART better not 'go out' - you got lots 2 plan 4 after that DYNOMITE Event at the Mayne Stage Theatre on lovely Morse Av Sunday evening, saluting the very best in Midwest Screenwriting Talent. For those of you who did not attend, BOY, did you miss one heck of an entertaining Time. But there’s always next year…mark your Calendar.

Not only were such notables as Colin speaking, but Leslie Bee, the Queen Bee of Comedy opened up the Event – followed throughout the evening by Pete Jones – Dana Olsen & Michael Phillips, movie industry heavy hitters who gave their insights about the trade and what it means to win an Awards’ Ceremony like the 2011 Chicago Screenwriters Network – the 3rd Annual.

What was incredible in and of itself was that for each winning entry, a group of actors ‘re-enacted’ 1 of the (winning and action-packed) Scenes so the Scriptwriter (seated in the audience) could see HOW it would appear on stage. This novel Idea was absolutely incredible and total brilliance! Those Performers included: Harold Dennis, Julie Hurt, Richard, Mealey, Erica Sharpe, Andre Truss, Heather Winter & Jeff McLane, all giving Oscar performances.

And, of course, we can’t forget The Winners, the people who give so many others their Job and leave their imprint on History & Pop(ular Culture):

Those hearty (as in Heart & Soul) Midwest ScreenWriters are:

Kent Williams for PILLAR OF FIRE – Action

Matthew Quinn & Rick Mitchell for ON THE TRACK OF THE MALTESE & OTHER CURIOSITIES – Family

Curt Burdick – PROM NIGHT – Horror

Mary Santarelli – VILLA NOTTE - Comedy

Adedapo Akisanya – BENEATH THE ROCK – Drama (who also won the Overall Best Script Honor/Award)

By all means, Film Lovers, Writers & Producers/Directors-at-large, check out, Midwest Talent at: - and ask for COLIN!

Cheers, ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
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