Thursday, August 18, 2011

Koopersmith launches: TOLERANCE THURSDAYS®...

Chicago, Illinois:

Chicago resident, Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith launches: TOLERANCE THURSDAYS® & TOLERANCE TUESDAYS® only because it is the WRITE Thing to do. WE all have our own Public and Private Opinions about every Topic under the Sun and past the Moon. That’s what makes the World so interesting. If everyone and everything looked alike, I personally would be(come) extremely bored every easily.

However, when WE hover in the Cover of Racism and Hate; Bigotry and Prejudice run wild and WE are not given the Opportunity to expand our Horizons as WE rightfully should.

With the Launch and Kickoff of TT & TT: TOLERANCE THURSDAYS® & TOLERANCE TUESDAYS®, an Open Dialogue (yet another) can be taken so that People achieve a better understanding of their Neighbors and Community-at-large. Designed for every Man, Woman & Child, let’s get that Discussion going.

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