Thursday, August 25, 2011

ASK's comm-ANT-ary on Day #25 of: ANT APPRECIATION MONTH INTL ©2010

Thursday, August 25, 2011 is Day 25 of the Second Global Celebration of:


Said HOLIDATE® is being staged for Today & the Remainder of August only because ANTS are as ANTeresting as can be, not BEE. That’s another Species, Folks.

So, for those of you who are clock, watch and calendar observ-ANTS, it’s now August 25TH & in 4 months from today, it will be Christmas of 2011. In the Northern Hemisphere, it’s often cold and icey. The ANTS have been gone – departed for approximately 2.5 months now and may of us may be wondering:

What do they do when the ground is frozen? They definitely do not take off with the Monarch Butterflies or Wild Geese and fly south for the Winter. That’s a question worth asking. And the answer lies here online at:

How do ANTS pass The Winter at:

What I found quite amusing was this:

"Most species of ANTS eat a large amount of food in autumn to put on fat, thereby allowing them to go without food through the winter."

As if most of us have ‘seen’ a Fat ANT. With the ‘crumbs’ they eat, I cannot really imagine that they do consume a ‘LARGE’ amount of food the way Humans gobble up everything within sight.

And, My Friends, that’s the way THEY ‘do it’ in Nature. No wonder they’ve persisted for over 130,000,000 years.

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