Monday, December 26, 2011

ASK's 18TH Eco-Christmas® Day Celebraton: Dec 26, 2011. On the Count of 1: Shop till U drop.


Dateline: Monday, December 26, 2011

Oh, I’d be remiss if I didn’t post this as Today is the 18TH Eco-Christmas® Day Celebration – the real Day when Christmas Gift-Giving is celebrated. For you see, you commemorate the Spirituality of Christmas on December 25TH & you go out and buy gifts for your loved ones on the Day after (December 26) when the prices are lowest. After all, let us not forget that it’s the Spirit of Love, Understanding & Camaraderie that makes us humane – not a bright Red Ferrari sitting in the drive or a trip to the SoF: South of France. Those will only last so long, but if you must buy a Present for someone special, Today is the deemed Day in which to do so.

When this HOLIDATE ® was first fabricated in 1993 (as it takes 1 year to launch any good HOLIDATE TO CELEBRATE) the retail sales were never held before Christmas as they are today. With times being sluggish as they are, we’re looking at an entire NEW & DIFFERENT Eco-Christmas® Day, but the bottom line remains: Sales & Saving. It’s not only for the Frugal amongst us – it’s the new Way of Thinking, Preparing & Planning for the Future.

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ADE-itorial Note: Eco-Christmas® Day is one of 1900 Holidates created since July 25, 1990 that fall into 34 precise categories.

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