Friday, December 2, 2011

Koopersmith explains 3F: Faux Fur Fridays® - Year #4.

Faux Fur Fridays® - officially begins today! It’s got to be FAUX FUR – it’s got to be a Friday. And, it’s better when the weather is cold. I’ll be out and about tonight, dining shopping and hanging out via the Faux Fur Jacket that gave this HOLIDATE ® its start in October of 2008. And that was when I met Robert Verdi of She’s Got The Look while he was in town looking for Models 35 & older. Well, I qualified (by a few years). I wore a knee length leopard jacket; belted and it really did make a statement. Verdi jumped off the stage and tried it on – after he got me OUT OF IT, of course. With a reaction like that, I knew that 3F would become a big hit – esp. in my Haute Couture Holidates to Celebrate. It’s not how you look, it’s when you wear FAUX FUR that makes the difference. Fridays are a great start to that Fun Time, as Friday marks the start of our Weekends. I’m out of here!

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