Saturday, December 3, 2011

Why you should endorse USC Shoah Foundation Institute Visual History Archive.

ASK’s Endorsement: IF you never lived beyond 1930, U may not have heard of the horrific Genocides that happened to what we call Civilization across our Planet. IF you never lived beyond 1930, then you definitely are not reading this FB notice. Thanks to TV, Radio & The Internet, we’re MORE in touch and in tune with one another than ever before. However, many things happening today – starting with our World Wars during the 1900s are NOT pretty – or humane to say the least. All of Civilization has been ‘founded’ on the annihilation of Populations of Peoples & Animals. AND, We consider ourselves (and these Acts) ‘human.’ I beg to differ. I often wonder about that.

However, the valiant Efforts of USC Shoah preserves the Sentiments of the Survivors who have witnessed first hand these Acts of Abhorrence against each Other. After all, We must strive to keep the History alive so that those Atrocities do not happen again. This is why I highlyencourage you – esp. at this Time of Year when the major Religions celebrate their holiest of Holidays to take some Time and investigate what USC Shoah Foundation Institute based in Los Angeles is doing. Only then, will We – well, just maybe, We will be able to find Peace here on Planet Earth. For the Sake of Humanity: You, Me, Us & Future Generations: Let’s hope so – although it will take more than Hope to pull us through.

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