Thursday, December 22, 2011

Childhood Obesity: A Kid's Book designed NOT to weigh you down. Quote of ASK: Dec 22, 2011 - 12:58 PM

As seen on the Facebook Page called: Children's Book, operated by Author Jay Jay Jackson.

Children's Book: ‎"Mommie, What Is Healthy Food?" Dedicated to the "Childhood Obesity Crisis" Campaign starts in January 2012! Get your copy of my new children's book and start your year off right! — with Michelle Obama and Secretary Arne Duncan.

As 'America's Premier Eventologist & EAT-Ventologist' I know it's all too easy to get fat and remain fat. The answer is quite simple. Eat less and move. There are all sorts of interesting fun and 'moving' things to do. If U can afford (or your folks), a bike is a terrifically mobile way to get around; be green and a way to peddle off frustration and get in some fresh air that is mandatory. If U don't bike during the winter - or prefer not to (dependent on the climate U live in), get a stationery bike. Exercise with some friends in a gym - the local YMCA has plenty of room. And, if UR a spiritual kid, begin a program at your school, synagogue, church, etc. where a portion of your weekly meals are sent to 3rd - 4th world countries where there is no food. Let your conscience be your guide when it comes to eating. The lighter U feel; the more energy U may have. So glad U R addressing this issue with "Mommie, What Is Healthy Food?" But let's not forget our fathers, too - as everyone in the family has to know what should & should not be eaten...all in moderation, of course! Cheers, ASK:
Screenwriter - Author - Eventologist - Promoter / Chicago, IL USA

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