Friday, December 16, 2011

ASK’s releases: Top 10 People of Facebook for 2011.

ASK’s RELEASE: My Top 10 People of Facebook for 2011 – NOTEABLES that I’ve enjoyed ‘The Most’ to date include these Individuals. Not in alpha order – just how they popped into mind:

Yekaterina Minskova of 1952 (New York)

Roger Weiss of Houston

Chicago Literary Hall of Fame
(via Donald G. Evans – Valya Dudycz Lupescu – Randy Richardson – Danny Smith & George Rawlinson)

Art Norman of Chicago

Ron Ron of Japan

Jon Pogioli of The UK

Connie Griffin – Chicago/Florida

Steve Arvey – Florida

Scriptapalooza (via Mark Andrushko) – Hollywood

Jesse Douma – The Writers Store in Burbank, CA

And, only because they always make me smile when they come in, the Top 5 Celebrity Feedbacks are from:

Jon Bon Jovi’s Soul Foundation
Julian Lennon
Marlo Thomas Donahue
Yoko Ono &
Peter Max

FROM THAT LIST: It looks like I need a friend in Alaska to even it all out.

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