Thursday, December 15, 2011

How 10 Plush TOYS R Workin 4 The Weekends - Thanks 2 Huey Lewis & The News...

MY BREAK-THROUGH IN THE ARTS. Besides writing up my YEAR END IN REVIEW (which is now over 9500 words in the making), I have been creating the

SKiN: Sacred Kinship in Nature™
How 10 Beloved Plush Toys Redefine Race ©2009 – Holiday Card

for this year & everything was going NO WHERE FAST. I have extremely particular taste when it comes to how they MUST BE PRESENTED. That’s all there is to it & them. Special Toys that are eliminating RACISM, deserve a Special Treatment.

Then, I did something quite unexpected of moi– that would be called in clinical circles as letting the LEFT SIDE OF YOUR BRAIN take over. I merely took the Collaged Photo of the 10 TOYS & placed them in a horizontal vs. vertical format & not only did they all fit in, they appeared all the better!

IN OTHER WORDS: When was the last time U tried squeezing 10 TOYS’ Pix into a 2 X 4 inch square? That vantage point gives the card an entirely different feel. That made my day! One step closer to the finished product(ion).

Last year, THE TOYS’ Holiday Card was a Calendar in which they ‘only celebrated’ the Weekends of 2011 – a spin-off of the hit song WORKIN FOR THE WEEKENDS by the incomparable Huey Lewis, but this year – like all years had to be unusual & different. Huey is online at:

Therefore, Art Lesson #1 is: If the graphic duzent fit one way, try the other! U just never know when U’ll find that perfect match-up!

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PS: Yup: That BREAK-THROUGH IN THE ARTS can happen anywhere & at any time – no matter who you are and what UR art is (or isn’t) yet…

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