Thursday, December 1, 2011

Remembering CARL on World AIDS' Day: 2011

ASK ON: Remembering Carl: I haven't seen anyone post anything about December 1 being World AIDS' Day. I remember my friend, CARL, who died of the Disease back in 1985. He was such a great guy. Lived on my floor; was a great deal younger than I am; was a Cake/Dessert Chef at The Drake Hotel and 'was wild' by all accounts. He was born & raised in Ohio; moved to Chicago since his lover lived here; and we had some of the best times. We'd go to lots of estate sales; pretending we were extremely 'upscale & affluent' and for the most part we fooled lots of people. But it was no joke that when he died, there was something worse there lurking for so many more people who'd die of that horrific disease. Oh, I think of Carl even if it's not World AIDS' Day - he's 1 of the few that U meet in life that is worth remembering.

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