Monday, December 19, 2011

Siluri: Latest TOY Addition on The SKiN: Sacred Kinship in Nature Scene & Scenario.

THE FOLLOWING WAS SENT TO THE EDITOR IN CHIEF OF THE TOY BOOK in New York City after the Purchase of a terrific Re$ale Toy @ Unique on Western/Howard in Chicago, IL USA @ 8:52 AM CST. Once more infomation & his Manufacturer arereceived, Siluri's Pictures will be posted here:

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RE: ASK/Chicago: A TOY Question from the Heartland 4 U!

TO: Ms. Jackie Breyer
Editor in Chief/ The Toy Book/ Specialty Toys & Gifts

Hi Jackie:

Happy Holidays 2 U & your Staff! I can't think of anyone who has a neater job than you do - except me, as I have collected TOYS since I was born - 59 years ago and now use them as my characters in my books & movie scripts. I even have the trike I rode when I was 6 & can still 'fit my tousche on it' - ah, that's when they really made seats suitable!

I went to your site for some FUN -- but have a heavy-duty question to ask of you. Hopefuly, U will have a moment. So you will know & understand: Part of my 'MESSAGE' in my creative writings (that expands to books & movie scripts) is to give RESALE TOYS a 2nd chance - it's like adopting a kid and/or a pet. Toss-Aways are somebody, too, in:

Koopersmith's Kreative Kingdom & Kalendar
A Return To Utopia.

So today I found the most incredible 3 foot long by 28 inches (from arm to arm) Salamander TOY @ Re$ale that I immediately picked up -- ALL MINE -- for Sequel 5/Book 5. What a glorious TOY! However, I like to know WHO manufactured them. It's not that UR ever going to find the specific designer that created that special TOY-- but the previous owner had cut the NAME TAG off...& I am totally miffed and baffled. I've seen 10s of 1000s of TOYS the last 59 years, but NEVER one like him. His Name is SILURI as I know he's from the SILURIAN PERIOD. I do my research. AND: Yes, all my TOYS (even my furniture) is uniquely named.

ANYWAY, Ms. JB., can you - do you - are you planning to have a web page devoted to OLD(er) TOYS and who designed them -- like an archive for people like me who are 'just that curious?' That would be so very helpful. As I toted SILURI around the Re$ale Store -- people's eyes popped open -- they (these were grow-up adults) just had to pet his head! It was quite an experience. I should have had a camera team following me around & about.

U always know U hit a positive chord when People react this way...even B-4 reading the Story and/or seeing the Movie. That's good! That's an indicator that you've struck a nerve...Plus, in a cold city -- where many people are NOT that friendly, TOYS seem to have that Special Something that breaks thru the Ice, whether it is DecemBURR or not!

AND BEING A GIRL, I know you will enjoy this one. Siluri is beige in a reptile print pattern. While shopping, I also found a pair of Stuart Weitzman Heels in this exact motif. Yes, I will be doing a FOTO SHOOT with him in a few days. Can we be starting a new Trend: Dressing like your TOYS - there's a possibility here - it's not the First Time I've done it! Total Cost of my Spree: $6.55 for a million dollars worth of Ideas. I guess it does pay to get up early.

IN CLOSING: Yes, that was my Query & Adventure for the Day: The 19th of Dec. Any help you can shed on this Dilemma of what TOY company created Siluri would be most appreciated! I O U 1!

I sincerely hope you & your Team have a most delightful & toy-filled Holiday, Jackie!

Cheers, ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith & Siluri
Screenwriter - Author - Eventologist - Promoter
Studio 1437
Chicago - IL USA

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