Friday, December 23, 2011

ECO-Christmas©1994: How to $ave BIG TIME for The Holidays by America's Premier Eventologist: ASK.

As posted on my BLOG:

ASK’s RECOLLECTIONS: Back in the early 1990s, I created a Seasonal Holidate called ECO-Christmas©1994 (whose theme was based on saving money and keeping with the Spirit of the Holiday – not to ‘GO commercial’ as so many people do, but to GIVE a gift; and ultimately enjoy the Day in the Company of those you love.

Afterwards, on December 26 – after U R done celebrating to go shopping – exercise and pick up some great Deals. However, within that 18 year span, the economy has changed radically as we all know. With people losing their homes, what can you buy – if you don’t have a roof over your head.

Life has been turned upside down for too many of us. What’s particularly interesting to note now is that Retail Stores are giving sizable – if not huge discounts before the Holiday arrives to entice shoppers and big spenders to spend all the more. Now, U can also shop online. Whereby back in 1994 when ECO-Christmas©1994 (meaning to economize on your Xmas Gifts) was launched – barely any retailer was on-line and if they were – mall shopping was ‘The Rage’ anyway. The Change we are experiencing now, as we approach December 26 - the 18TH year Celebration of ECO-Christmas will show that many of those shelves will be bare, but the regifting and returns will surely fill them back up!

I would guess that since I do participatein my own Holidates (after all somebody has to see if they run well), I have saved about $22,000 the last 18 year. That’s nice. That’s something U can take to the bank and ‘bank on….’ Happy Holidays to all my Dear Friends here on Facebook that have made my Year a wonder! You’re the Best!

Cheers, ASK – 5:53 PM CST – December 23, 2011

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