Thursday, December 8, 2011

SKiN's Fifth Sequel gets its Opening. All in a Night's Rest.

Attn: Movie Producers: Well, ‘IT’ came to me in a Dream – this Morning while rolling over. IT means an ‘idea,’ of course. I now have the Opening Sequence to SKiN’s 5TH Sequel of 7. 4 are done already. Back in the day (of July, 2010), ANTS already beat out 3,164 other scripts in a Hollywood international screenplay competition. I was not even going to begin writing this till mid-2012, but low and behold – the ‘fragment’ came in so crystal clear that I got up; pulled myself out of bed and wrote it down – immortalizing it forever. I wonder what was IN my mind to even make me think that of that particular opening? I’m certainly glad the brain works when I’m not. Ah…now only 119 more pages to go…then, all those rewrites. I’m glad Christmas & New Year’s Eve are long-long weekends for this year, aren’t U! Cheers, ASK 12-8-2011 – 3:22 PM CST

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