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The Top Cross-Cultural Books & Animated Movies to erase Racism for 2011 & Beyond.

December 1, 2011 UPDATE TO THE NOVEMBER 1, 2011 POSTING:

Well, it’s December 1st. Where I live, we spell that as: DecemBURR. But no matter how you spell it, it’s cold out. Let it be known that there are Ways to get around & keep warm ‘n toasty that if you don’t have a Cabana in a warm(er) Place than Chicago. The way I do it is to stay in, focused and write.

Plus, it’s mandatory to set some Deadlines B-4 U. Mine was to write out a complete Document(ary) about what my 7 Books/Movies called:


are all about & give that Project a full Month to ponder & produce. Now that the Holidays are nearly here, that designated and allocated Time Period is over with. The Task is 95% complete. In retrospect, I can & will admit that it was:

A terrific Project and goal to set for a Writer;
it became a great Marketing Tool and Way to see what’s gotten done since I undertook this entire Endeavor (basically its Theme is to erase Racism) that I began on January 29, 2009;

it now shows me what needs to be done – that ‘Perspective Thang’ is in usage now;

plus, it’s given me the Chance to say that on November 1ST when the original posting of:

Moving 11 Lovable TOYS into Dreamworks Animation. The Start of a Movie-Making Dynasty that erases Racism. How YOU can help.

was posted on Koopersmithin, my BLOG, it read as only 1494 Words. Today, that Figure stands at the 8,969 Mark, meaning 7,475 Words of Ideas were crafted & drafted and typed into place. That’s approximately: 298.96666666666664 Words per day.

But as We all know: IT’s the rewriting & editing that’s ‘The Killer’ as my friend, Cal would say.

One of my Clients did need some help this Month. He wanted to rush through a Business Letter that was to be his ‘Calling Card’ for a huge Project that was taking (in total) 17 years of his Life. This was 1 of those on-going Projects we often hear about. Because of this Writing where every Week, something else was presenting itself to me; as more Ideas seeped in, I was able to tell him to slow down & work systematically.

The ‘Oh, I should have had a V-8’ Syndrome: The worst possible scenario is that you seal-up the ‘proverbial envelope’ and then remember: “Oh, I should have said...” But then, I guess that’s why there are Sequels and Part 2’s!

And, I knew he knew what I was talking (or typing) about.

Since early November, my Goal for Today, Thursday, December 1, 2011 was to have posted this Paper (in its entirety on my Blog), but my Editor stated the 3 Messages are strong enough to sell to Animation, TOY, Women, Arts & General Interest Magazines. That was rather nice to hear.

However, if you wish to read:


of it, PROJECT: SKiN™ is still found on November 1, 2011 – at:

The Fun Part is next – doing the Artwork – with these 11 Characters – Toys.

And as for it being December 1 of 2011…I’m still wondering what happened to 1968. Is anyone else?

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